Pipe laying

We have extensive experience and competency with raising, inspecting, repairing and laying of pipes. This list contains selected projects for some of our customers, listed by year of completion.


  • Morten Krag: laying of Ø63, 1700 meter
  • Ålesund Kommune: Raising and removal of 1 Ø280 pipe, length 1100 m, raising and removal of 2 Ø110 pipe, length 1100 (Main contractor for Ålesund municipality)
  • Ålesund municipality: Laying of 1 Ø280, length 1100 meter, depth 80 m. (Main contractor for Ålesund municipality)
  • Steinsvik Rensefisk AS, Svelgen: Localization of breach on pipe Ø355, shortening and raising of Ø355 and Ø280, and moving and adjustment of ext. pipe (for Steinsvik Rensefisk AS)
  • Luster municipality, Hafslo: 6 lengths, approx. 4000 meter. (For Ingemar Fimreite AS)
  • Grindvik-Svortevika, Skodje; Laying of new waterpipe Ø160 length 1660 m, depth 70m. (For Svinø Entreprenør AS)


  • Laying of Ø63 between Hella and Dragsvik for Mesta AS. Length 2600 meter, depth 425 m
  • Work with Ø280 in Kristiansand. Laying and digging of new discharge line and removal of old line. Kristiansand municipality
  • Laying Ø400 wire and clamping Ø250 on top of Ø400 wire. Båsum Boring AS
  • Installation of T-piece on Ø160 and Ø110 cable. Eric Larsen
  • Laying of 800m of prestressed Ø63 at Austrevågen, Bergen.


  • Laying of 11 km Ø280 reserve water main between Loen and Stryn, and 3.3 km Ø160 water main between Solvik and Marsåvika. Kveen AS and Stryn municipality.
  • Laying of a new discharge line at Giske, Furnes Anlegg og Transport


  • Førde district heating for Entreprenør Service AS: Laying of 2 pipes Ø450 and Ø630
  • Kveen anlegg AS, Hermansverk: Laying of drain Ø355
  • Laying and covering of discharge pipes Alnes, Hole Maskin AS
  • Replacement of part of a pipe in Bremanger. Bremanger municipality
  • Relocation of intake line at Nordfjordeid, Astor Plast


  • Volda Municipality: Inspection of all discharge lines, as well as route inspection for the line to the new treatment plant.
  • Laying of a short discharge line Hundeidvik, Mesta


  • Taubane teknikk AS Hafjell: laying intake for snow production facilities
  • Glencore Nikkelverk: Established new H2S discharge pipe in sea.
  • KRS Municipality: repair and addition of Ø400 pump line


  • Discharge line Moltustranda 60 m Ø160 Hole Maskin AS
  • Statens Vegvesen: Loftesnes Bridge, Sogndal, Inspection of pipeline


  • Hyllestad municipality, laying of 2400 meters Ø160 in Leirvik in Sogn


  • Inge Melkevoll, laying of 130 m Ø 160 on Storesunde in Stryn
  • Gloppen Municipality, laying of 1400 m Ø 125mm between Øyrane and Elvaneset
  • Norway Pelagic AS, Kalvåg. Pipeline inspection and repair
  • Åge Haverstad, pipeline repair, Harpefoss


  • Bremanger municipality, inspection and installation of repair sleeve.
  • Gaular municipality, inspection and repair of pipeline.
  • Rørleggar Nigardsøy, laying of 1600 m Ø160 line in Bremanger.
  • Åge Haverstad, Cutting pipes and laying new pipes, Harpefoss.
  • Kristiansand Havnevesen, repair of intake line, Fiskebrygga.
  • Aker Solution, repair of suction line.
  • Kristiansand. Septic service, work on discharge line, Xstrata.
  • Trafikk og Anlegg, cutting of 630 mm pipe.
  • Kristiansand Havnevesen, OLEX measurement of cables in the harbour.
  • Xstrata, inspection and connection of discharge pipes.
  • Kaspar Strømme, joining of pump line Abra Havn.


  • Bremanger municipality, inspection and repair of various pipelines.
  • Sogndal municipality, ROV inspection and pipe work. Mesta Drift AS, Repair of pipeline


  • Entreprenørservice AS Piping for drainage Førde municipality. Ø=630 mm. 1150 meters long. Lay 35 meters deep.
  • Fræna Municipality / Geir Øie AS. 4 km fjord crossing, 160 mm water pipe. Lay deep 70 Meters. 250 mm drainage line, length 150 m. Lay 25 meters deep.