Working under water is physically demanding, requiring a lot from both divers and equipment. Mobile special equipment and a flexible staff means we’re always available whenever you need qualified assistance. Some of our equipment is available for rent.

Diving stations

Our diving stations are transported by truck and ship to quickly get where they need to be. Compressors, diving panels, cameras and depth monitoring are some of the standard tools that come with our diving stations.

Dykkerbil og utstyr
ROV og utstyr


Our remotely controlled submarine robots can mobilize in a hurry, and are used for services like inspection and mapping, search and rescue, and other advanced underwater services.

Maritime equipment

Vessels equipped with complete diving systems are available for all operations. Several catamarans, tugboats and dinghies ensure unmatched flexibility.

Dykkerstasjoner og utstyr


A robust and flexible assortment of heavy construction machinery enables us to perform advanced construction work and maintenance along the coast.

Pressure chambers

Pressure chambers mounted in containers are supremely mobile. All our pressure chambers are equipped according to NORSOK U-103 for surface decompression.

Equipment for rent

Our wide assortment of advanced equipment is available for rent when not in use. Dedicated mechanics ensure our equipment is regularly maintained and ready for operation at all times. Certificates and licenses are always up to date. Contact us for equipment rental.