What we do

Submara is a full one-stop-supplier of inshore diving and marine contracting services, nationally and globally. From bridge foundations, quays and docks, laying cables and pipes to highly advanced submarine inspections carried out by our ROV’s and survey tools, we deliver work of consistently high quality.

The unseen, essential infrastructure of our society is built and maintained by Submara.

About Submara

Submara is built on the experience and expertise of a handful of diving companies – all sharing the vision of delivering work of high quality at every turn. Our combined knowledge and long experience enables us to deliver the full spectrum of underwater services both nationally and globally. We’re proud of our efforts to build, secure and maintain the unseen, essential infrastructure of our society.

We are a coalition of regionally leading companies that have joined forces to better utilize our expertises and knowledge. Through Submara, we are able to supply a larger geographical region faster, and we can offer complete, quality services to our customers.


Anleggsdykk AS was established in Vestfold in 2018, a continuation of Ødegaard Dykk. Anleggsdykk performs marine construction across the country, and leads the marine construction division of Dykkerteknikk.


Dykkerteknikk was founded in 1976, and is located in Tofte in Asker municipality. Their expertise range from various underwater work – from ROV to diving, survey to cable, water and drainage – always focusing on high quality and safety.

EB Marine

EB Marine was established in Stavanger in 1983, and has primarily supplied South West Norway, though national and international projects are within their capabilities. EB Marine’s skilled commercial divers are experienced with maritime construction work of all complexities.

IMC Diving

IMC Diving was established in Bergen in 1982, but their roots stretch back to 1965. With their broad experience and detailed knowledge, IMC Diving has become a leading diving company, handling most challenges under water.


Olav Erik Hagen AS was established in 1991. Headquartering in Stryn, they maintain divisions in Bergen and Kristiansand. O.E. Hagen takes on complex diving projects in challenging surroundings – from the coast to inland to mountainside.

Norwegian Tunnel Inspection

100 % owned daughter company of O. E. Hagen. Established in 2016 to explored the then untapped market for inspections of long tunnel travels connected to hydropower stations. The company’s ROV system is equipped with 360 degree multi-ray-sonar, providing accurate data in all water conditions, with an impressive operational range of 15 kilometers.

Falck Dykkertjeneste AS

Falck Dykkertjeneste AS, established in 1995, is a modern and innovative underwater contractor with extensive experience in diving operations and underwater missions, especially in construction, infrastructure, and inspections. We prioritise HSEQ, as well as customer satisfaction. Our quality management system, based on ISO 9001 standards, ensures the highest quality in all projects we undertake, fulfilling our commitment to deliver excellent results to our customers and stakeholders.

Buskerud Dykkerservice AS

Buskerud Dykkerservice was established in 1988 in Kongsberg. We have a wide range of capabilities and can handle most diving projects, but we specialise in inshore diving operations with mobile equipment.

Certificates and licenses

Submara puts safety and quality first on the agenda for our customers and our employees. Our certificates, licenses and approvals are evidence that we possess the right competency and experience to perform a wide range of services. It also signifies that we always comply with quality procedures and that we maintain strict routines.

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