Submara works purposefully to maintain an excellent working environment, a safe workplace and sustainable solutions – for ourselves, our customers and the environment. Ongoing capacity building ensures continued quality in all aspects of our work.

A resolute focus on safety keeps us secure under demanding working conditions.

Underwater activities requires strict demands to safety, and we work purposefully to prevent accidents and injuries. Our efforts includes thorough training, the use of personal protection equipment, transparent routines and open communication, so that every employee feels safe, respected, and able to thrive.

Through delivering work of consistently high quality, we constantly work to be a preferred supplier, which strengthens our company’s economy, creating secure jobs for our employees.

Sustainability throughout

Submara actively works to prevent accidents, injuries, and mishaps that could negatively impact the environment. Hazardous waste is handled according to regulations, and we actively work to reduce all kinds of pollution. The environmental impact is always taken into consideration when selecting work methods and when acquiring new tools.

Safety measures for both our colleagues and the environment is our highest priority. We always take the time to perform the job safely, and the goal is always zero injuries and minimal environmental impact.

Certificates and licenses

Submara puts safety and quality first on the agenda, for our customers and our employees. Our certificates, licenses and approvals are evidence that we possess the right competency and experience to perform a wide range of services. It also signifies that we always comply with quality procedures and maintain strict routines.