Complete underwater services

As one of Norway’s leading suppliers of underwater and diving services, we supply the full spectrum of underwater services both nationally and globally. We’re proud of our efforts to build, secure and maintain the unseen, essential infrastructure of our society.

Submara supplies a broad array of services near and under water. With over a hundred employees across the country, we’re ready to take on projects as a main contractor or subcontractor on short notice.

One of Norways largest underwater service suppliers

Submara is a full one-stop-shop marine contractor, offering the full range of inshore diving and marine infrastructure services.

Safety in demanding conditions

Submarine activities demands special knowledge and a resolute focus on safety. We ensure your projects are handled correctly and completed on time, with care for both personnel and the environment.

Want to work for Submara?

We’re always looking for more knowledge and skilled colleagues. Submit an open application below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also register for job alerts on our LinkedIn page.